Experimental trials can help avoid the costly pitfalls of building a new web application.

To support this cause we've petitioned our sponsor to offer three (3) months of free hosting for such endeavors.

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prototypes are intended to be incremental, evolving from simple forms into more comprehensive ones

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development at an early stage of the project enables the discovery of shortcomings in the system

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visualize the diagrammatic representation of a specific aspect of the system or business area that is being developed

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All pilot programs are hosted by our generous sponsor: FWIW.CO

Once your application is received, a web-site will be created using the software and site name you chose (as a sub-domain of pilotprogram.org).

In other words, if you chose "my-test-site" as your site name… your web-site will be located at http://my-test-site.pilotprogram.org

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